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New Podcast!

Posted by Vyper On January - 17 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Community Cast #2 is online!

In this podcast Jaryth and I have a special guest with us! Who could it be? Listen to the podcast and find out!

Podcasts are back!

Posted by Vyper On December - 15 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

New Podcasts have been uploaded! The first is the Community Cast where Jaryth and I talk about the EcS Rebirth and how it came about. We also dig into some of the games being played currently as well as some of the “Hot Topics” on the forums.

The second one is the first Member Cast where Distrought and HaXoN do a Q&A about the game they have been playing a lot of lately, League of Legends.

Please check them out! If you have a desire to discuss any game that you’re playing at the moment or have a topic that you are passionate about, let an Admin know! We’d love to have many podcasts to post!

Thanks again for making this a great community!