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Jaryth's Servers -Status-

Jaryth000's Photo Jaryth000 23 May 2016

Hey EcS!

Both servers have been updated for 1.9.4... not that anyone plays on them anymore. But still! The main one is pretty much there there for an archive of our previous achievements.
I'm thinking of re-purposing the second server again for events. Yes plain old vanilla events. We used to have great fun. Maybe we could try out some game-maps.

I dont think we've done an EcS community PvE events in 2-3 years. That could be fun to try too.

Wyld's Photo Wyld 23 May 2016

Hey, I'd be totally up for that.

Stryke's Photo Stryke 23 May 2016

Wyld likes "winning" those events. :D

Vyper's Photo Vyper 23 May 2016

I would love doing some of those again, Jaryth!

Wyld's Photo Wyld 25 May 2016

Loved those adventure maps we played. The zombie one and the haunted mansion. Can anyone find anything like that?

Distrought's Photo Distrought 28 Jul 2016

A friend of mine and myself have been playing Minecraft on Sundays for awhile now. We have kinda swapped gears from FTB(Departed kind ruined it for us for the time being =P) and back to vanilla. He is hosting a server on his PC since he found a really cool spot to build his base on his single player, he migrated it over to a multiplayer format. This past Sunday we tried an adventure map I guess you could call it, and it is a lot of fun! It is called Super Hostile - Inferno Mines. It does run off a 1.5 server, but it plays extremely well, and is very challenging. Id be game if someone wants to try out something like that also

Jaryth000's Photo Jaryth000 02 Dec 2016

Not that anyone actually plays on these servers anymore, but an update:
Had a power outage that resulted in ~2 days of downtime (that no one was likely to notice), but due to one of my backup batteries finally starting to die, the server computer its self crashed. I got it up and going again, but some of the data on the minecraft servers became corrupt. I'm pretty sure I've managed to repair the damaged permissions files, but I have no idea if any damage had been done to the map files.

So, just a heads up to everyone I guess.

Wyld's Photo Wyld 02 Dec 2016

Thanks for keeping it running!

Vyper's Photo Vyper 03 Dec 2016

indeed! I think I might jump on today and build something...not sure what but something!