Code of Conduct

Posted by Jaryth000 On November - 3 - 2011

My Obligation

As a visitor in this community, I will abide by the rules and regulations set by the admins. I will conduct myself in a manner that is generally accepted by the other visitors and community members. If at any time I am approached by someone about my conduct, I will be open minded and listen intently to find a way to improve our relationship, and my conduct. Although, I may not always be at fault, it is my duty and responsibility to be able to aid in the resolution of all incidents or grievances. I enjoy myself here and want to continue to enjoy myself for as long as the community provides a place to visit and communicate with others like myself or with similar interests.

In Addition

I also understand that there are certain rules, outlined in the Zero Tolerance Rules, which would effectively result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of my access to the community. I have or will review the rules, and will be held accountable to them at all times. I understand that every situation is unique, but agree that there are certain infractions that cannot be overlooked or tolerated. These rules outline severe actions that have the potential to destroy the very foundation on which this great community was built. The administrators have a responsibility to enforce the rules and uphold the integrity of the community, so that I can be proud to be a part of it every day.

Best Practices

I will not start open discussions on sensitive topics. If I want to have an educated discussion about a sensitive topic, I will do so with willing participants in a private forum, or room on TS. Sensitive topics include, but are not limited to: Religion, Race, Politics, and issues with other members. I will not engage in useless argument with smacktards in server. I will simply take screenshots, and/or get an admin to resolve the issue. If an admin is not available, please forward the screenshots and tell your tale to an admin. The admin will take the appropriate action. I will not engage in pornography through the community. Keep it private. Share outside of our resources. I.E. MSN, AIM, YIM, Xfire, FTP servers, etc. I will refrain from using excessive foul language in TS. Some low brow language will be permitted. (We do play CS:S) LOL. I will not use excessive foul language in the forums, or in game chat.


I will always take a partner on decisions that need to be made on point, and cannot wait for an admin. If you have the authority to act, as in TS (SA) rights, take a partner if you are not sure of what action to take. Two matching opinions are more solid than one educated guess. No one will be penalized for trying to do what is right.


ZERO TOLERANCE ON HACKING! I will not hack. I will not utilize settings to beat the system. i.e. graphic hacking to hide smoke effects or distance viewing of obstacles, etc. I will not allow anyone to access my computer to potentially download hacks or alter files. I will be responsible for my rig and it’s content. Little brothers or other excuses are not valid. I will not give out my log in information. I will be held accountable to any hack ban that is imposed on me. I will not accept any excuse, as will not my community. Immediate removal of tag will be imposed. I will not be a representative of this community any longer. -EcS- may impose further action against me and my accounts, at their discretion. This policy is not up for discussion!